Newport, Rhode Island

If you don't think Newport, Rhode Island when you hear the words "quaint New England," clearly you have never been. Until this past weekend, I was one of those unfortunate people.   After just a few days in this history-rich town, I am a fan. Newport has sky rocketed to the top of my list of favorite places. It is an incredibly photogenic place: vibrant colors, ecclectic store fronts and light houses (what photographer doesn't like light houses?). Newport doesn't pretend to be somewhere else. Is it a big metropolitan? No, doesn't try to be. Is Newport a finacial capital? No, doesn't try to be. What it is, is a beautiful, slow paced, town with a rich maritime culture. It embraces its history as much as any American town I have been to. If you are down for that, I think you can be down to enjoy Newport, Rhode Island. Oh, and great beaches too... Just saying.