The Magic of a Wedding (By a Photographer's Wife)

So, my husband is typically the one blogging, but I decided to hijack his iPad. A few weeks ago, we photographed an amazing wedding on Block Island. This is the third wedding I've assisted my husband with (# 1 was our own of course). First of all, the scenery was gorgeous. The wedding took place at the charming Sullivan House. The couple, Meghan and Tim were down to earth, welcoming, and just overall amazing. After shooting this event, it clicked... I love working weddings! Once upon a time, I looked at people who worked weddings as if they were from another planet: why put yourself through such torture?! But as corny as it sounds, seeing two people who are genuinely in love with each other, and spending time with their loved ones celebrating with them, is simply infectious! Nowadays, I can't help but hear bad news and events happening everywhere. But days like yesterday...WOW! In a world full of chaos, people still take the risk to love; and events like weddings happen multiple times a day, everyday, everywhere in the world.

Although we were a vendor, viewing those precious moments of love, light, and goodness were just irreplaceable: a full course meal for the soul. When I work with my husband, I don't shoot (I pretty much suck), but I am his shadow, and fill-in wherever I can (maybe I'm more of a supporter than assistant). It was hot and sweaty, filled with running, hunger, tiredness, and achy feet. However, I was able to assist with supplies for stepping on glass, wardrobe malfunctions, and flower refrigeration. Was any of this my job? Technically, no. But after being a bride myself, I realize what an event it is, and so it is my job to do as much as I can to contribute to that bride and groom having their day.

Seeing my husband throughout this whole process was priceless. I can't do enough  justice to express how much pride I felt in knowing and witnessing what he was capturing: laughs, kisses, dance moves, cigar smoke, gentle whispers, tulle, ivory, silk, flower petals, fans, a spectrum of colors... too many things to list! Honestly, most guests will forget those details. But for that couple and their family, those details are deeply intertwined within every photograph.

So I'd first like to thank Micki and her family for gifting my husband's photography to her sister Meghan. Secondly, I'd like to thank Meghan and Tim for bestowing the honor of not only allowing us to work the event, but having the opportunity to get to know their incredible family (CONGRATS TO THE RIVERAS)! Last but not least, I'd like to thank my husband for falling asleep on this ferry so that I could sneak this blog in, for having the courage to share his gift of photography with others, and trusting in me as his support.  I hope that other couples will continue to see the value in hiring a couple who will treat their wedding or special event as if they would their own, and I look forward to continue working as my husband's supporter. :)