Why I love this photo

 I believe every good photo needs two elements: good lighting and good composition. The third element of photography however, is what can move a photo from good to great... That element is story telling. When a photo is well lit, composed and leads the viewer to create a story behind the image in their own minds, you may have captured something very special. If anyone has been to a wedding (I'm sure we all have) there are a few moments that are defining and extremely memorable. A single frame can tell the entire story of the wedding as a singular day, as well as tell the story of the couple through to that moment. While I will never call one of my own photos great (I will leave that to the viewer), I believe this photo captured one of those defining moments. This photo is more than the sum of the camera settings and equipment. This was a moment of pure emotion, an outpouring of joy. That is why I love this photo.