Photography Chose Me #SonyAlpha

While taking photos of my family yesterday, it all clicked in my head (pun intended). Photography is something I’m meant to do. Growing up, my school subject of choice was always history. Even today, if the television is on, it’s most likely on some sort of historical documentary. I was always drawn to stories of the past and how those legacies affect life today. I was also intrigued by the record keepers: the people who took up the task of representing the events around them. People who tell stories have an incredible amount of power. History is often manipulated, whether by intention or by subconscious biases. I believe that people who take up the torch and record our stories have a responsibility to tell as accurate of a depiction of life as possible. 


I realize that the type of photography I am drawn to has made me the de facto historian of my own family and the families I photograph. I have stated this before, and I truly believe that the photographs we take are our legacies. We see it all the time; from lovers reminiscing over wedding photos, families and friends grieving over the loss of a loved one. Photographs are our historical records of the most important times in our lives. I do not take this lightly at all. When I photograph someone or something, I always ask myself: how should this story be told? I have the responsibility to create something that accurately depicts what can be a lifetime of development and experiences in a single or series of frames. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than when I get that right. 


I realize now, that my personality type, experiences and outlook on life have all brought me to this point. In a way I didn't choose photography, photography chose me.