The Many Hats #sonyalpha

How much can you learn about a person from a photo? A lot actually (and sometimes nothing)! A portrait can be an act of self-expression captured and shared with the world in a single frame. It can tell your life's story or it can give a little insight into the hobbies you enjoy. Either way, a good portrait can be a statement to the world, a very personal statement. The photos I have always gravitated to the most were the ones that told a story about that person. They don't always have to be dramatic in nature; most times it's the fun, carefree variety that I can relate to the most.  

I wanted to take these photos of my wife to illustrate her love for baking and cooking. While she may not be a professional, she enjoys using her creativity to make enjoyable meals. It's definitely a part of what makes her, her so why not make some images out of it?!