Why I love This Photo #sonyalpha

Central Park is photographed a lot...and this in itself is an understatement. If you go to any of its landmarks, you are guaranteed to see dozens of people with cameras, at any given time. Most people take snapshots for their own memories, while others may be wedding photographers shooting couples. There is by no means, a shortage of photographic activity going on. So, on a recent walk with a few friends, I went into the park with the mindset of capturing a familiar, commonly shot area in an uncommon way. The solution I came up with was to shoot a daytime long exposure. In a long exposure, moving figures become blurred (some actually disappear), while stationary elements look perfectly sharp. The composition is simple; I just wanted to include enough elements to tell the story of the scene. Most of the photographs I've seen from others in this same location tended to be taken at a closer angle. 

I love this photo because with the use of ND (neutral density) filters and the addition of some of my signature split toning in post processing, I was able to give a different look and feel to a scene that is photographed often.