Why I Love This Photo


Sunsets and sunrises usually provide for very interesting lighting conditions. When the sun is at a lower angle you can get some crazy light patterns. Especially if there are any clouds in the sky. I set out to Long Beach with the hopes of getting some crazy colors. On this occasion there were none. Bummer... But, that can all be taken care of in post processing, which I did here with a technique known as split toning to get colors I was happy with. 

I saw a surfer walking along the beach line and positioned myself to use the incoming tide as a leading line to draw the viewers attention to the surfer. A little blur action in the foreground and my photo was complete.  

I love this photo because of the way the elements came together. Well, some of the I put there but that's ok. I wanted to depict a dreamy end of the day beach scene and I think this photo got there.