Asbury Park Wedding 9/17/16 #sonyalpha

Weddings are very interesting events; they are all different, yet all the same:


The venues are different, but the spirit of the day is the same


The families are different, but the support is the same.


The music may be different, but the fun is the same.


The couples are different, but the love is the same.


Some people have asked me how it was photographing a same-sex wedding. Honestly, it's the same. This is a popular mantra, but nonetheless very appropriate: "love is love." And it was an honor to be able to capture this couple's love story on their wedding day.

Seeing all the love and support around this couple was powerful, and seeing the commitment they had towards each other was refreshing. Shooting a wedding like this, when everyone in attendance is there to celebrate, makes the 12 hours of shooting easy.