Sony A7Rii Day One

So after some saving and good luck finding an open box return. I've Finally got my hands on a Sony A7Rii. I absolutely love the Sony mirrorless system. I ditched my DSLRs for the more compact and advanced technology in the Sony cameras. For the most part I have been very happy the only area that I was looking for some improvement was with the autofocus system. The improvement I was looking for wasn't dramatic as I have been able to use my A7 and A6000 in so many situations without issue (portraits, street, wedding, event, movie set). I really just wanted something that focused a little faster in lower light and improved accuracy in tracking. 

While I haven't had much time to really thoroughly stress the A7Rii. I can tell you I am really enjoying how the camera focuses. There are even some new focusing modes I didn't know I wanted, but the addition is welcome. I have even noticed I was able to get focus better using focus peaking while manual focusing using wide apertures. Here are a few shots I took my first time using the camera. I will be posting more photos and opinions as I use this bad boy some more.