My Parents

A couple of months ago I was at my parents' house with my other siblings. We did what most families do when they are together: go through old, mostly embarrassing and poorly taken (my fault I was just a kid) photos. During that whole process, I realized that my parents only had one or two photos of their mothers and none of their fathers. I also noted that since their wedding in 1978, they hadn't had any formal photos of themselves. 

This past Mother's Day, I decided to change that. With a little coercion, I got my parents to go out to the boardwalk in Far Rockaway for a few photos. I knew they would have little patience for a photo shoot so I had to keep it short (no longer then 30 minutes). With the exception of a few awkward moments (i.e., when asked to hold hands or would think they know each other by now), they were able to get into it for a few minutes.  I captured photos and more importantly, memories that we will be able to keep in the family for generations.

Hands down, this was my favorite Mother's Day gift that I have given so far!