My mom only has one picture of her mother. ONE. When she holds it, that one photo has the power to bring back every memory she has of her.

Photographs are important. They can tell stories, be used to sell products, and can document events (amongst a host of many other things). To me, the most important thing that photographs do, is stop time. When a photograph is taken of someone, it immortalizes the person in that state, forever. The photographs you have of yourself are the visual legacy you'll leave behind for your kids, grandchildren, and so on. Thirty years from now, you can hold out a photo to show others "this was me," and instantly be able to recall the way you felt and what was happening in your life at that time.

Think about the first thing we do when we lose someone we care about. We look at their photographs: the memories, and the feelings we have are somehow captured in those pieces of paper. At this moment, for some, taking pictures may not seem like they mean much. However, one day, the photos we have of ourselves and loved ones will be our most prized possessions. 

When I photograph someone, I want to be the best photographer they've ever had. I want the photos I make to have the same potential power that my mom’s single photograph of her mother does. 

The power of photography is immense, and having the honor to give that to others, is truly priceless.